2008 Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference
Future Directions
Introductory Remarks by the President of the American Board of Medical Specialties
Medical Simulation from an Insurer's Perspective
Deliberate Practice and Acquisition of Expert Performance
Research Opportunities in Simulation-based Medical Education Using Deliberate Practice
Does Team Training Work? Principles for Health Care
Debriefing as Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment in Medicine
Developing Expert Medical Teams
The Use of Simulation in the Development of Individual Cognitive Expertise in Emergency Medicine
Developing Technical Expertise in Emergency Medicine—The Role of Simulation in Procedural Skill Acquisition
Advanced Medical Simulation Applications for Emergency Medicine Microsystems Evaluation and Training
The Assessment of Individual Cognitive Expertise and Clinical Competency
Teaching and Assessing Procedural Skills Using Simulation
Defining Team Performance for Simulation-based Training
Defining Systems Expertise
Toward a Definition of Teamwork in Emergency Medicine
National Growth in Simulation Training within Emergency Medicine Residency Programs, 2003–2008
Simulation in Graduate Medical Education 2008
Decreasing Lab Turnaround Time Improves Emergency Department Throughput and Decreases Emergency Medical Services Diversion
Building a Simulation-based Crisis Resource Management Course for Emergency Medicine, Phase 1
Simulation in a Disaster Drill
Using Immersive Simulation for Training First Responders for Mass Casualty Incidents
Teaching Mass Casualty Triage Skills Using Immersive Three-dimensional Virtual Reality
Educational and Research Implications of Portable Human Patient Simulation in Acute Care Medicine
Medical Malpractice
Learning and Retention Rates after Training in Posterior Epistaxis Management
Promoting Teamwork
A Theme-based Hybrid Simulation Model to Train and Evaluate Emergency Medicine Residents
Resident Response to Integration of Simulation-based Education into Emergency Medicine Conference
Simulator Training Improves Fiber-optic Intubation Proficiency among Emergency Medicine Residents
2008 Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM) Consensus Conference Attendees