Ultrasound Assessment of Severe Dehydration in Children With Diarrhea and Vomiting
Use of Bedside Ultrasound to Assess Degree of Dehydration in Children With Gastroenteritis
Feasibility and Reliability of the SHOT
Risk Factors for Acute Adverse Events During Ultrasound-guided Central Venous Cannulation in the Emergency Department
Safety of Intravenous Thrombolytic Use in Four Emergency Departments Without Acute Stroke Teams
Characteristics and Outcomes of Polymicrobial Bloodstream Infections in the Emergency Department
Identifying Infected Emergency Department Patients Admitted to the Hospital Ward at Risk of Clinical Deterioration and Intensive Care Unit Transfer
Exploring Patterns of Health Service Use in Older Emergency Department Patients
Simulation Center Accreditation and Programmatic Benchmarks
Recruitment and Retention of Patients into Emergency Medicine Clinical Trials
Parametric Versus Nonparametric Statistical Tests
Missing in Action
Measuring Quality With Missing Data
Assessment of the Storz Video Macintosh Laryngoscope for Use in Difficult Airways
Incidence of Posterior Vessel Wall Puncture During Ultrasound-guided Vessel Cannulation in a Simulated Model
A Virtual Reality Simulation Curriculum for Intravenous Cannulation Training
Re: “COMLEX-1 and USMLE-1 Are Not Interchangeable Examinations”
Re: “COMLEX-1 and USMLE-1 Are Not Interchangeable Examinations”
The Climb
My Manifesto Following Yesterday's Recert. Exam
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