Executive Summary: Interventions to Improve Quality in the Crowded Emergency Department
Keynote Address: United Kingdom Experiences of Evaluating Performance and Quality in Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine—Quality Indicators: the United Kingdom Perspective
ED Overcrowding: The Ontario Approach
Learning from Accident and Error: Avoiding the Hazards of Workload, Stress, and Routine Interruptions in the Emergency Department
System Dynamics and Dysfunctionalities: Levers for Overcoming Emergency Department Overcrowding
Emergency Medicine
Comparison of Methods for Measuring Crowding and Its Effects on Length of Stay in the Emergency Department
Practical Implications of Implementing Emergency Department Crowding Interventions: Summary of a Moderated Panel
Consensus-based Recommendations for Research Priorities Related to Interventions to Safeguard Patient Safety in the Crowded Emergency Department
Interventions to Improve Patient-centered Care During Times of Emergency Department Crowding
Interventions to Improve the Timeliness of Emergency Care
Achieving Efficiency in Crowded Emergency Departments
Interventions to Safeguard System Effectiveness During Periods of Emergency Department Crowding
A Research Agenda to Assure Equity During Periods of Emergency Department Crowding
The Association Between Length of Emergency Department Boarding and Mortality
Emergency Department Crowding Is Associated with Decreased Quality of Analgesia Delivery for Children with Pain Related to Acute, Isolated, Long-bone Fractures
An Empirical Assessment of Boarding and Quality of Care: Delays in Care Among Chest Pain, Pneumonia, and Cellulitis Patients
The Role of Triage Nurse Ordering on Mitigating Overcrowding in Emergency Departments
International Perspectives on Emergency Department Crowding
Review of Modeling Approaches for Emergency Department Patient Flow and Crowding Research
The Association of Emergency Department Crowding and Time to Antibiotics in Febrile Neonates
Emergency Department Overcrowding and Inpatient Boarding
The Past, Present, and Future of Urgent Matters: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Emergency Department Flow Improvement
2011 Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference Attendees