The Prevalence and Diagnostic Utility of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Vital Signs in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Emergency Physician Perceptions of Medically Unnecessary Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Emergency Physician Perceptions of Shared Decision-making
Properties of Serial Ultrasound Clinical Diagnostic Pathway in Suspected Appendicitis and Related Computed Tomography Use
Clinically Significant Differences in Acute Pain Measured on Self-report Pain Scales in Children
Variation in Pediatric Emergency Department Care of Sickle Cell Disease and Fever
Factors Associated With Oxyhemoglobin Desaturation During Rapid Sequence Intubation in a Pediatric Emergency Department: Findings From Multivariable Analyses of Video Review Data
Age-related Differences in Factors Associated With Cervical Spine Injuries in Children
The Use of the Needle-free Jet Injection System With Buffered Lidocaine Device Does Not Change Intravenous Placement Success in Children in the Emergency Department
Performance of the 2-hour Accelerated Diagnostic Protocol Within the American College of Radiology Imaging Network PA 4005 Cohort
Evaluation of Older Adult Patients With Falls in the Emergency Department: Discordance With National Guidelines
Emergency Department Revisits for Patients with Kidney Stones in California
Medically Unnecessary Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and Shared Decision-making in the Emergency Department: Opportunities for Future Research
Falling Behind? Understanding Implementation Science in Future Emergency Department Management Strategies for Geriatric Fall Prevention
What Big Data Can and Cannot Tell Us About Emergency Department Quality for Urolithiasis
Trends in Observation-prone Emergency Department Visits Among Michigan Children, 2007–2011
Interobserver Agreement in Retrospective Chart Reviews for Factors Associated With Cervical Spine Injuries in Children
The Crisis in the Emergency Medicine Physician Scientist Workforce
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