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Prospective Investigation of a Novel Ultrasound‐assisted Lumbar Puncture Technique on Infants in the Pediatric Emergency Department
The Impact of Emergency Department Census on the Decision to Admit
Computed Tomography Use for Adults With Head Injury
Challenges Enrolling Children Into Traumatic Brain Injury Trials
Effectiveness of Interventions to Decrease Emergency Department Visits by Adult Frequent Users
Acute Headache Presentations to the Emergency Department
Emergency Department Use in a Cohort of Older Homeless Adults
Cognitive Rest and Graduated Return to Usual Activities Versus Usual Care for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Emergency Department Management of Patients With Febrile Neutropenia
Do Emergency Medicine Residency Graduates Feel Prepared to Manage Closed Fractures After Training?
“I Broke My Ankle”
Fatal Fentanyl
What Cognitive Psychology Tells Us About Emergency Department Physician Decision‐making and How to Improve It
Safety of Computer Interpretation of Normal Triage Electrocardiograms
Initial Validity Analysis of the American Board of Emergency Medicine Enhanced Oral Examination
Hot Off the Press
In Reply to Hauswald