Issue Information
A Novel Approach to Study Medical Decision Making in the Clinical Setting : The “Own‐point‐of‐view” Perspective
Use of Online Health Information by Geriatric and Adult Emergency Department Patients : Access, Understanding, and Trust
Individual and Neighborhood Characteristics of Children Seeking Emergency Department Care for Firearm Injuries Within the PECARN Network
Comparison of Emergency Department Patients to Inpatients Receiving a Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (PERT) Activation
PREDICTing Mortality in the Emergency Department : External Validation and Derivation of a Clinical Prediction Tool
D‐dimer Interval Likelihood Ratios for Pulmonary Embolism
Embedded Clinical Decision Support in Electronic Health Record Decreases Use of High‐cost Imaging in the Emergency Department : EmbED study
Emergency Department Vital Signs and Outcomes After Discharge
Career Development Awards in Emergency Medicine : Resources and Challenges
Hot Off the Press : Prospective and Explicit Clinical Validation of the Ottawa Heart Failure Risk Scale, With and Without Use of Quantitative NT‐proBNP
Emergency Physicians Are Able to Detect Right Ventricular Dilation With Good Agreement Compared to Cardiology
Intravenous Versus Nonintravenous Benzodiazepines for the Cessation of Seizures : A Systematic Review and Meta‐analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
In Response : Ultrasound‐assisted Lumbar Puncture on Infants in the Pediatric Emergency Department
Sports Medicine for the Emergency Physician : A Practical Handbook. Edited by Anna L. Waterbrook, MD, FACEP, CAQ‐SM. New York
Koenig and schultz's disaster medicine : comprehensive principles and practices 2nd ed. Edited by Kristi L. Koenig, Carl H. Schultz. New York