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Current Status of Gender and Racial/Ethnic Disparities Among Academic Emergency Medicine Physicians
Performance of the Hack's Impairment Index Score : A Novel Tool to Assess Impairment from Alcohol in Emergency Department Patients
Characteristics of Short‐stay Critical Care Admissions From Emergency Departments in Maryland
Critical Appraisal of Emergency Medicine Educational Research : The Best Publications of 2015
Bacteremia Prediction Model for Community‐acquired Pneumonia : External Validation in a Multicenter Retrospective Cohort
Systemic Thrombolysis, Catheter‐Directed Thrombolysis, and Anticoagulation for Intermediate‐risk Pulmonary Embolism : A Simulation Modeling Analysis
The Epidemiology of Emergency Department Trauma Discharges in the United States
Risk of Intracranial Hemorrhage in Ground‐level Fall With Antiplatelet or Anticoagulant Agents
Undetectable Concentrations of a Food and Drug Administration–approved High‐sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T Assay to Rule Out Acute Myocardial Infarction at Emergency Department Arrival
Welcome to the Real World : Do the Conditions of FDA Approval Devalue High‐sensitivity Troponin?
Searching for Staircases : Strengthening the Connections Between the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit
The Emergency Department's Impact on Inpatient Critical Care Resources
Depression and Anxiety Among Emergency Department Patients : Utilization and Barriers to Care
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Statement on Plagiarism
Bedside Ultrasound in Acute Appendicitis in the Emergency Department : Methodologic and Statistical Issues on Diagnostic Value
Re : Gungor F, Kilic T, Akyol KC, et al. Diagnostic value and effect of bedside ultrasound in acute appendicitis in the emergency department
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Broken Bones : The Radiologic Atlas of Fractures and Dislocations, Second Edition.By Felix S. Chew, Catherine Maldijan, and Hyojeong Mulcahy. Cambridge