Class mentors
Innovations in clinical practice through hospital-funded grants
Machiavelli and the chief resident
The problem-based curriculum at Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Academic medicine and the National Board
Geriatrics in residency programs
Postbaccalaureate preparation and performance in medical school
Evaluating the clinical skills of foreign medical school graduates participating in an internship preparation program
Assessing learning-style inventories and how well they predict academic performance
The nature of patients' requests for physicians' help
Faculty development and organizational systems behavior
The influence of applicants' gender on medical school interviews
The nursing home as a site for teaching medical students
The emerging relationship between academic health centers and continuing care retirement communities
Teaching the multidisciplinary team approach in a geriatrics miniresidency
The extent of transfusion medicine education during the fourth year at U.S. and Canadian medical schools
Radiation exposure of pediatrics residents
Factors influencing residents' decisions not to provide obstetrical services in their future practices
Investigating the nature of the morbidity and mortality conference
An integrated anatomy and cardiopulmonary resuscitation course
Does an ambulatory-care experience influence third-year students to select a career in internal medicine?
An experiential training program and medical students' attitudes toward patients with chemical dependency
A cholesterol screening and health assessment of medical students
Psychiatrist-attended work rounds
Appropriate charging for professional fees by academic physicians
Physician supply in the United States 1980-1988. A select bibliography commissioned for the task force on physician supply of the Association of American Medical Colleges