The U.S. health care system
Academic medicine's season of accountability and social responsibility
Not a choice, an obligation
Factors contributing to the variability of direct costs for graduate medical education in teaching hospitals
Origin of the LCME, the AAMC-AMA partnership for accreditation
A new approach to training primary care physicians
A core curriculum for international health
1991 Flexner Award
1991 AAMC Research Award
AOA Distinguished Teaching Award for Clinical Services
AOA Distinguished Teaching Award for Basic Science
An obstacle to medical screenings for older adults
Continuous quality improvement in surgery residencies
Medical school libraries' handling of articles that report invalid science
Faculty expectations and primary care residents' perceptions concerning residents' growth in competence at one medical school
Scholarly productivity of geriatrics senior faculty members and faculty trainees compared with that of other health professions educators
Correlating students' undergraduate science GPAs, their MCAT scores, and the academic caliber of their undergraduate colleges with their first-year academic performances across five classes at Dartmouth Medical School
Development of the knowledge-based standard for the written certification examination of the American Board of Anesthesiology
The influence on students' specialty selections of faculty evaluations and mini-board scores during third-year clerkships
A pilot study of the relationship between experts' ratings and scores generated by the NBME's Computer-Based Examination System
Using interactive videodiscs to teach gross anatomy to undergraduates at the Ohio State University
Residents' and faculty members' views of and skills in patient education
Students' evaluations of faculty members' teaching before and after a teacher-training workshop