Global considerations affecting the health agenda of the 1990s
Technology assessment in medicine
The potential for using non-physicians to compensate for the reduced availability of residents
A program to foster residents' appreciation of the nurse's role
The health of the computer-based patient record
Strategic thinking about health care reform
Should faculty tutors for PBL groups be content experts?
A program of integrative humanistic study for medical students
A promising approach to teaching primary care in the ambulatory care setting
Sending medical students into the community as health instructors
Recommendations for changing the residency selection process based on a survey of program directors
Effects of tutors with case expertise on problem-based learning issues
Effects of expert and non-expert facilitators on the small-group process and on student performance
Association between clinical experiences in family practice or in primary care and the percentage of graduates entering family practice residencies
Developing and implementing a “basic science clerkship” for first-year students
Evaluations by three graduating classes of a required community health project
An instrument to evaluate alcohol-abuse interviewing and intervention skills
MEDLINE training for medical students in the clinical curriculum
Scripted oral examinations of internal medicine students' clinical skills with simulated patients
Effect of context on the rating of students by faculty and housestaff in a clinical clerkship