Lowell T. Coggeshall and American Medical Education : 1901-1987
The “health of the public” approach to medical education
The coming influence of a social sciences perspective on medical education
Preventing the decline of academic medicine
Flexner's model and the future of medical education
Using workshops to teach residents primary care procedures
Medical education reform : the need for global action
The National Health Service Corps : bridging the gap in health care
Helping residents' families cope
Another view of limiting residents' work hours
The need to foster students' research skills
Need for more research about residents' gender, cultural roles, and stress
Advantages of a PBL approach in teaching genetics
Academic achievement and acceptance rates of underrepresented-minority applicants to medical school
A pilot study of biomedical trainees' perceptions concerning research ethics
Physicians, preventive care, and applied nutrition : selected literature
Combined-degree programs : a valuable alternative for motivated students who choose medicine early
Curricular variations in combined baccalaureate-M.D. programs
The Jefferson-Penn State B.S.-M.D. program : a 26-year experience
Specialty preferences of graduating medical students : 1992 update