AAMC Policy on the Generalist Physician
Litigation Involving Medical Faculty and Academic Medical Centers, 1950–1991
Introducing Physician Order Entry at a Major Academic Medical Center: I. Impact on Organizational Culture and Behavior
Introducing Physician Order Entry at a Major Academic Medical Center: II. Impact on Medical Education
Ideas for Medical Education
A View of Medical Practice in 2020 and Its Implications for Medical School Admission
The Desktop Database Dilemma
The Crisis in Clinical Research: Overcoming Institutional Obstacles
Modern Medicine and Jewish Ethics. 2nd revised and augmented edition.
Improving Health Policy and Management: Nine Critical Research Issues for the 1990s
Cancer Ward
The Transition
A General and Primary Solution for American Health Care Problems
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Authors and Editors
Every Medical School Must Have a Department of Family Practice
Fostering New Career Directions for Physicians at George Washington University
Never Too Late to Learn: A Senior Surgeon's Observations of CME in Toronto Clinics
Problem-based Learning: A Review of Literature on Its Outcomes and Implementation Issues
Longitudinal Comparison of the Academic Performances of Asian-American and White Medical Students
Medical School Policies Regarding Medical Students and HIV Infection
Prevalences of Ethics, Socioeconomics, and Legal Education Requirements for Residency Training
Anxieties of Entering First-year Residents
Practicing Pediatricians' Views of the Child's Role in the Pediatric Interview
Medical School Financing: Comparing Different Types of Schools and Departments
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