The past as prologue
Beyond “health care reform”
The medical school curriculum committee revisited
An innovative faculty appointment system at the University of Nebraska
The high-priority/low-fat diet
The R.W. Johnson report
Assessing the resources needed to provide ambulatory care experiences to medical students
Facilitator expertise and problem-based learning in PBL and traditional curricula
A credentialing program for surgery residents
Predictors of black students' board performances
Preparing medical libraries for use by students in PBL curricula
Experience with pregnant physicians has been a good teacher
Problem effectiveness in a course using problem-based learning
Producing physician-scientists
Choices of training programs and career paths by women in internal medicine
Station-length requirements for reliable performance-based examination scores
Students' premedical preparations and academic performances in medical school and residency
Influence of previous clerkship experiences on students' satisfaction with their current clerkship
Rural sources of medical students, and graduates' choice of rural practice