Proceedings of the AAMC'S Consensus Conference on the Use of Standardized Patients in the Teaching and Evaluation of Clinical Skills. Washington, D.C., December 3–4, 1992
An overview of the uses of standardized patients for teaching and evaluating clinical skills. AAMC
Technical issues
Technical issues
Perspectives for curriculum renewal in medical education
Academic medicine's role in shaping U.S. science policy
Calculating the number of new generalist physicians
The Graduation Questionnaire and graduates' subspecialty plans
The need to promote CAI
Admission interview scores and dean's letter ratings
The black academic psychiatrist
Results of the National Resident Matching Program for 1993
Educational debt, specialty choices, and practice intentions of underrepresented-minority medical school graduates
Educating medical students. Assessing change in medical education–the road to implementation
Of warps and woofs
Medical education in the United States and Canada revisited