It's report card time again
How targeted should research and higher education be?
Academic medicine's choices in an era of reform
Coping with innovation frenzy
Universal coverage, paying for it, and the months ahead
On CME and the reform of medical education
Striking the balance
Centralized family practice curricula
Departments of medicine and teaching hospitals
Comprehension formulas for ambulatory care training
Computer simulations and management of critical incidents
A short course in research ethics for trainees
An oath for entering medical students
Practicing physical evaluation skills on community volunteers
Evaluations of small-group teaching
Resident-patient interactions
The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
An integrated health care model in medical education
The effect of teaching medical students on private practitioners' workloads
Cultural-sensitivity training in U.S. medical schools
An innovative course in surgical critical care for second-year medical students
Residents' knowledge of the National Practitioner Data Bank
Changes in medical students' Myers-Briggs “preferences” between their first and fourth years of school