Rethinking faculty development
Rethinking faculty development
Confronting the costs of ambulatory-care training
Osteopathic GME consortia
Concerns about psychological testing for family practice residents
Personal values and primary care specialty aspirations
Helping medical students develop lifelong strategies to cope with stress
Physician-patient partnership in managing chronic illness
The debate over electives–1899
From battered children to family violence
Education and research in adult family violence
Cultivating curricular reform
Making a place for teaching about family violence in medical school
Elder abuse
Strategic footholds for medical education about domestic violence
Prevention of family violence
Bridging the professions
Medical education and reform initiatives in Germany
Creating university hospitals
Professional competencies in the changing health care system
Use of an objective structured clinical examination to determine clinical competence
A data-generated basis for medical ethics education
Knowledge, confidence, and attitudes regarding medical ethics
The adequacy of medical ethics education in a pediatrics training program
A surgery oral examination
Measuring the use of the population perspective on internal medicine attending rounds
Using faculty and student perceptions of group dynamics to develop recommendations for PBL training
Maternity and parental leave policies at COTH hospitals