Models for developing integrated curricula
Managed care training for internal medicine residents
Incentives for teaching
The Nutrition in Medicine project
Housestaff attitudes about work rounds
Electronic bulletin board for faculty development
Students' attitudes toward alternative health care
Psychiatrists' attitudes toward psychiatry
Crossing the cultural doctor-patient barrier
New opportunities to improve physicians' lifelong learning
Preventing academic medical center from becoming an oxymoron
Learning to care, for a healthier tomorrow
Research collaboration between an HMO and an academic medical center
A strategy for coping with change
A model for distributing teaching funds to faculty
Medical education in the former Soviet Union
Academic pediatrics
Abraham Flexner Award for Distinguished Service to Medical Education
David E. Rogers Award
Baxter Award for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical Sciences
AOA Distinguished Teacher Award for Senior Faculty in the Basic Sciences
AOA Distinguished Teacher Award for Senior Faulty in the Clinical Sciences
The mini-med school
What does not explain the variation in the direct costs of graduate medical education
Who should rate candidates in an objective structured clinical examination?
Prediction of students' USMLE step 2 performances based on premedical credentials related to verbal skills
Psychometric test results associated with high achievement in basic science components of a medical curriculum
Ratings of students' performances in a third-year internal medicine clerkship
Ventures in education
Determinants of the generalist career intentions of 1995 graduating medical students