Medical research and qualitative methods
The study of literature in medical education
Training in the era of managed care
A community hospital residency program copes with a regulatory change
Residency requirements for scholarly activity
Business strategies for the survival of the academic medical center
Grassroots, "bottom-up" strategies for a successful academic career
What the educator thinks the ideal medical curriculum should be. 1945 [classical article],
Educators must take the electronic revolution seriously
Narrowing the gap between rhetoric and the reality of medical ethics
A medical school-based GME consortium in Milwaukee
Quality in residency training
Preserving the best of the art of teaching
A consumer-oriented model for evaluating computer-assisted instructional materials for medical education
Medicine and the arts
What I learned on my sabbatical
From the President
A perspective on academic medicine from the nation's largest managed care purchaser
Comparing the hospitalizations of transfer and non-transfer patients in an academic medical center
Cheating in medical school
Developing and evaluating the student assessment system in the preclinical problem-based curriculum at Sherbrooke
Learning opportunities for internal medicine residents
Is test security a concern when OSCE stations are repeated across clerkship rotations?
Examining what residents look for in their role models
The effect of a medical school's admission and curriculum policies on increasing the number of physicians in primary care specialties
Physician and nurse
Clinical revenues used to support the academic mission of medical schools, 1992-93