Recruiting community-based preceptors
Faculty roles and academic promotion
Need for better psychiatric training for primary care providers
Introducing community psychiatry to medical students
Job security concerns and specialty choice
A blueprint for building an AMC-HMO teaching affiliation
First year of practice
Legal standards of conduct for students and residents
Navigating the wards
The logical geography of concepts and shared responsibilities concerning research misconduct
The University of Maryland Medical System invests in its community's minorities
An academic health center-community partnership
Proceedings of the AAMC Conference on Students' and Residents' Ethical and Professional Development. October 27-28, 1995. Introduction
Characteristics of the informal curriculum and trainees' ethical choices
Summaries of break-out sessions
Ideas for medical education
Four factors of clinical decision making
The virtual clinical campus
Medicine and the arts. Plane life
Too many doctors
The development of diagnostic competence
Frequency and effect of negative comments (“badmouthing”) on medical students' career choices
Quality improvement, housestaff, and the role of chief residents
Trends along the debt-income axis
Medical school achievements as predictors of performance in a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency
Medical students' attitudes toward the autopsy
Influence of HIV-infection risk on resident physicians
Results of the National Resident Matching Program for 1996