More on “right-sizing residencies”
More on “right-sizing residencies”
More on “right-sizing residencies”
More on “right-sizing residencies”
Reassessing the OSCE
Reassessing the OSCE
IMGs and cultural diversity training
Chart review for residents
A progressive geriatrics curriculum
Medical universities and academic health centers
Med-peds–three decades of the generic primary care physician
The future supply of physicians
The continuing dilemma in clinical investigation and the future of American health care
Importance and difficulty of determining the cost of clinical research
Preserving medical schools' academic mission in a competitive marketplace
The teaching matrix
Prevention and treatment of alcohol-related problems
Physics for physicians
Medical students as patients
Faculty attitudes and opinions about problem-based learning
Pelvic examination instruction and experience
Competing on price
Perceptions of teaching behaviors by primary care and non-primary care residents
Reassessing medical students' willingness to treat HIV-infected patients
A progress report on accelerated residency programs in family practice
Organizational models of medical school relationships to the clinical enterprise