Factors influencing learners' specialty decisions
Another strategy for rescuing teaching hospitals
Concern about new California licensure requirement
Making optimal use of information technology
The unrecognized medical educator
Improving relationships with commercial supporters of medical education
Reflections of the past in today's applicant pool
Institutional challenges posed by faculty development
Reflections on the scholarship of teaching
How one teaching hospital system and one medical school are jointly affirming their academic mission
Beyond corporate-style downsizing
Implementing a comprehensive approach to managing faculty roles, rewards, and development in an era of change
Ideas for medical education. Introduction
Defining and evaluating quality for ambulatory care educational programs
Perspectives on computing and medical education. Introduction
“Just-in-time” clinical information
Medicine and the arts. Charlotte's Web
Financing academic medicine
Improving the privacy and security of electronic health information
A systematic analysis of how medical school characteristics relate to graduates' choices of primary care specialties
A study of medical students' specialty-choice pathways
A longitudinal study of students' depression at one medical school
Costs of preceptors' time spent teaching during a third-year family medicine outpatient rotation
Measuring the effects of problem-based learning on the development of veterinary students' clinical expertise
Introducing case management to a general medicine ward team of a teaching hospital
A study of peer-review marking reveals weaknesses
A faculty-development needs assessment at one medical school
A preliminary study of students' comfort and preparedness with different types of patient groups
Results of the National Resident Matching Program for 1997
Tuberculosis–search for the cure