Assessing today's applicants
Clarifying the description of the GW Health Plan
A resident's perspective on "the unrecognized medical educator"
Factors influencing physicians' choices to practice in inner-city or rural areas
Eradicating sexual harassment during medical training
Teaching the context of doctoring
Ensuring the continuing competence of physician assistants
Gender differences in residents' health
Clinical trials and meta-analysis
Accommodating medical students with learning disabilities
Students can be full partners in designing their education
Moral imperatives for academic medicine
Contemporary medical students' quest for self-fulfillment through community service
Getting from how to why
Professional development of medical students
Fulfilling the social contract between medical schools and the public
Faculty development for ambulatory care education
Virtual reality
Statistics don't lie
The effects of federal agency matching fund and cost-sharing policies on research universities and medical colleges
Factors associated with the perception that debt influences physicians' specialty choices
Relationship between students' performances on the NBME Comprehensive Basic Science Examination and the USMLE Step 1
Assessment of physicians' interest in primary care training/retraining
Prospective study of how students' humanism and psychosocial beliefs relate to specialty matching
Pilot studies of in-course assessment for a revised medical curriculum
Pilot studies of in-course assessment for a revised medical curriculum
Assessment at one school of students' abilities and confidence in diabetic patients' education
Role models' perceptions of themselves and their influence on students' specialty choices
The influence of accreditation on educational change in U.S. medical schools