Cost constraints and GME program size
Locating conference paper
AHC–community partnerships for interdisciplinary education
The bonsai master
The “John McCain Rap”
Achieving better institutional self-study
Home care–the time to teach about it is now
Where is the “gene” in the generalist literature?
Encourage qualitative research to improve students' clinical skills!
Emerging lessons of the Interdisciplinary Generalist Curriculum (IGC) Project
Understanding the costs of ambulatory care training
Moving a graveyard
Forum on the future of academic medicine
The evolving duty to disclose the presence of genetic disease to relatives
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Managing information technology in academic medical centers
Medicine and the arts
Rethinking medical education through injury control
Minority students, affirmative action, and the admission process
Comparing the psychometric properties of checklists and global rating scales for assessing performance on an OSCE-format examination
Internship ratings as a validity outcome measure for an evaluation system to identify inadequate clerkship performance
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Effect of undergraduate college major on performance in medical school
The costs versus the perceived benefits of an LCME institutional self-study
Do clinical breast examination skills improve during medical school?
Medical students' attitudes toward, knowledge of, and experience with complementary medicine therapies
Medical education
A story of change
The process of change
Leadership and governance
Communication and the process of educational change
Integrating the teaching of basic sciences, clinical sciences, and biopsychosocial issues
Faculty development
Instructional methods
Student assessment
Evaluating change in medical school curricula
Reflections on relevance, resistance, and reform in medical education