Citation guidelines for residency applicants
Students' attitudes toward the confidentiality of computerized patient records
Better care needed for battered women
Using videoconferencing to assist with curriculum reform
Rewarding community-based preceptors
The needs of students from diverse cultures
Achieving high-quality health care and access for all
Project 3000 by 2000
A strategy to tame the “savage inequalities”
Promoting diversity in the medical school pipeline
The University of Louisville Medical School's comprehensive programs to increase its percentage of underrepresented-minority students
University of Washington and partners' program to teach middle school students about neuroscience and science careers
Science education partnership between the University of Colorado and a Denver High School
Boston University's biosciences education program for Boston-area students
UCSF partnership to enrich science teaching for sixth graders in San Francisco's schools
A program to enhance k-12 science education in ten rural New York school districts
Education and career paths of LSU's summer science program students from 1985 to 1997
A medical school-based program to encourage native Hawaiians to choose medical careers
Partnership to engage St. Louis high school students in investigative genetics
An interdisciplinary national program developed at Baylor to make science exciting for all K-5 students
UCLA's outreach program of science education in the Los Angeles schools
WVU–community partnership that provides science and math enrichment for underrepresented high school students
A mentoring program for underrepresented-minority students at the University of Rochester School of Medicine
Participation in enrichment programs and its effect on interview scores of applicants to the University of Washington School of Medicine
The InterCon network
The Medical Academic Advancement Program at the University of Virginia School of Medicine
The Urban Health Program to encourage minority enrollment at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine
Premedical enrichment program at East Carolina University School of Medicine
Mentoring program for minority faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Postbaccalaureate Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program (MEDPREP) at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
The Academic Support Program at the University of Michigan School of Medicine
Minority enrichment programs at the New Jersey Medical School
Support programs for minority students at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Postbaccalaureate program at Wayne State University School of Medicine
Pre-matriculation program at the University of South Florida College of Medicine
Premedical and predental enrichment program for minority students, 1969-1996, at Meharry Medical College
Cognitive and learning styles in medical education
The evolution of electronic medical records
Being in the present moment
Moving from provider-centered toward family-centered care
Sustaining and renewing the federal research partnership with universities
Do pre-admission programs make a difference in the enrollment of underrepresented-minority students at U.S. medical schools?
Participation in a premedical summer program for underrepresented-minority students as a predictor of academic performance in the first three years of medical school
Why students drop out of the pipeline to health professions careers
Can pathology residents be trained to perform adequate bone marrow biopsies?
What do program directors in internal medicine think about international medical graduates? Results of a pilot study
When are students most at risk of encountering academic difficulty? A study of the 1992 matriculants to U.S. medical schools