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Context, Conflict, and Resolution
Tracking Knowledge Growth across an Integrated Nutrition Curriculum
Following Medical School Graduates into Practice
The Impact of an Alternative Approach to Computing Station Cut Scores in an OSCE
An Investigation of the Impacts of Different Generalizability Study Designs on Estimates of Variance Components and Generalizability Coefficients
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Prediction of Students' Performances on Licensing Examinations Using Age, Race, Sex, Undergraduate GPAs, and MCAT Scores
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Dual-degree MD-MBA Students
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Effectiveness of Telehealth for Teaching Specialized Hand-assessment Techniques to Physical Therapists
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Learning Adolescent Psychosocial Interviewing Using Simulated Patients
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Six-year Documentation of the Association between Excellent Clinical Teaching and Improved Students' Examination Performances
When Residents Talk and Teachers Listen
The Relationship between the Nature of Practice and Performance on a Cognitive Examination
Validity of Faculty Ratings of Students' Clinical Competence in Core Clerkships in Relation to Scores on Licensing Examinations and Supervisors' Ratings in Residency
Do Students' Attitudes during Preclinical Years Predict Their Humanism as Clerkship Students?
Early Identification of Students at Risk for Poor Academic Performance in Clinical Clerkships
The Under-weighting of Implicitly Generated Diagnoses
The Impact of Structured Student Debates on Critical Thinking and Informatics Skills of Second-year Medical Students
Critical Appraisal Turkey Shoot
Communication Skills in Medical School
Assessment of Residents' Interpersonal Skills by Faculty Proctors and Standardized Patients
The Effects of Examiner Background, Station Organization, and Time of Exam on OSCE Scores Assessing Undergraduate Medical Students' Physical Examination Skills
Content, Culture, and Context
Gauging the Outcomes of Change in a New Medical Curriculum
An Index of Students' Satisfaction with Instruction
Modeling the Effects of a Test Security Breach on a Large-scale Standardized Patient Examination with a Sample of International Medical Graduates
Assessing Post-encounter Note Documentation by Examinees in a Field Test of a Nationally Administered Standardized Patient Test
International Medical Graduates' Performances of Techniques of Physical Examination, with a Comparison of U.S. Citizens and Non—U.S. Citizens
Comparison of Three Parallel, Basic Science Pathways in the Same Medical College
The Health Sciences and Technology Academy
The Mount Sinai Humanities and Medicine Program
The Epistemology of Clinical Reasoning
Clinical Problem Solving and Decision Psychology
The Marvelous Medical Education Machine or How Medical Education Can Be Unstuck in Time