The Two Fundamental Duties of the Physician?*
The Two Fundamental Duties of the Physician?
The Two Fundamental Duties of the Physician?
Residents' Work Hours
Implementing a Comprehensive Relative-value—Based Incentive Plan in an Academic Family Medicine Department
Continuing Medical Education
If Students Are Not Customers, What Are They?
Competency-based Residency Training
What Evidence Supports Teaching Evidence-based Medicine?
Strategic Planning and the Balanced Scorecard for Faculty Practice Plans
Premedical Education
medicine and the arts
Patchwork Sky
A Close Shave
Certification and Specialization
Does a Physician's Ability to Accurately Assess the Likelihood of Pulmonary Embolism Increase with Training?
A Comparison of Physician Examiners', Standardized Patients', and Communication Experts' Ratings of International Medical Graduates' English Proficiency
Effect of an Evidence-based Medicine Seminar on Participants' Interpretations of Clinical Trials
Differences in Medical Students' Empathy
Using Formal Evaluation Sessions for Case-based Faculty Development during Clinical Clerkships
Faculty Development in Communication Skills Instruction
Evidence-based Morning Report for Inpatient Pediatrics Rotations
Medical School Problems
Measuring Contributions to the Clinical Mission of Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals