The General Professional Education of the Physician
The Challenge of Educating Physicians about Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Integrative Medical Education
Integrative Medicine and the Search for the Best Practice of Medicine
Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Need for Evidence-based Criticism
From Dr. Beyerstein
From Dr. Frenkel and Dr. Ben-Arye
From Dr. Grollman
From Dr. Marcus
From Dr. Sampson
The Teaching of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in U.S. Medical Schools
Randomized Trial of an Internet Curriculum on Herbs and Other Dietary Supplements for Health Care Professionals
medicine and the arts
The Last Drema
The Clinical Experience That Taught Me the Most
Using a Productivity-based Physician Compensation Program at an Academic Health Center
Assessing the Reliability and Validity of the Mini—Clinical Evaluation Exercise for Internal Medicine Residency Training
Assessing Third-year Medical Students' Breast Cancer Screening Skills
Self-care in Medical Education
Depressed Medical Students' Use of Mental Health Services and Barriers to Use
Primary Care Education
Development of a Web-based Question Database for Students' Self-Assessment
Working with Interpreters
A Novel Web-based Graduate Medical Education Management System Including ACGME Compliance Algorithms
Collaborative Online Learning
Designing Tailored Web-based Instruction to Improve Practicing Physicians' Chlamydial Screening Rates
An Anticipatory Quality Improvement Process for Curricular Reform
Implementing a Systematic Course/Clerkship Peer Review Process
Implementing Goals for Non-cognitive Outcomes within a Basic Science Course
Changing an Existing OSCE to a Teaching Tool
Assessment of an Integrated Curriculum in Radiology
Implementation of Geriatric Education into the First and Second Years of a Baccalaureate—MD Degree Program
Senior Mentor Program
Teaching Interdisciplinary Geriatrics Team Care
A Model of Community-based Interdisciplinary Team Training in the Care of the Frail Elderly
Palliative Care Module within a Required Geriatrics Clerkship
A Web-based Geriatrics Portfolio to Document Medical Students' Learning Outcomes
An Unfolding Case with a Linked OSCE
“Short Stops”
An Online Discussion for Medical Faculty
Recognizing Clinical Faculty's Contributions in Education
Microteaching and Standardized Students Support Faculty Development for Clinical Teaching