Finding Ways to Close the Gap
Medical Education as a Process Management Problem
The Academy Movement: A Structural Approach to Reinvigorating the Educational Mission
Integrating Communication Training into a Required Family Medicine Clerkship
A Medical School for International Health Run by International Partners
Cover Note
An Innovative, Longitudinal Program to Teach Residents about End-of-Life Care
A Parable and a Commentary on Education in Geriatric Medicine
A Piece of Monologue
End-of-Life Care in the Curriculum: A National Study of Medical Education Deans
Interdisciplinary Education: Evaluation of a Palliative Care Training Intervention for Pre-professionals
Improving Knowledge in Palliative Medicine with a Required Hospice Rotation for Third-Year Medical Students
Documentation Systems for Educators Seeking Academic Promotion in U.S. Medical Schools
Evaluation of a Teaching Workshop for Residents at the University of Saskatchewan: A Pilot Study
Effectiveness of a Brief Workshop Designed to Improve Teaching Performance at the University of Alberta
Validity of Scores Generated by a Web-Based Multimedia Simulated Patient Case Software: A Pilot Study