Medical Education Research
Focusing on the Future of Medical Education Research
Revisiting the Idea of a National Center for Health Professions Education Research
Funding Medical Education Research: Opportunities and Issues
The Need for Evidence in Medical Education: The Development of Best Evidence Medical Education as an Opportunity to Inform, Guide, and Sustain Medical Education Research
A RIME Perspective on the Quality and Relevance of Current and Future Medical Education Research
Cover Note
Trends in Medical Education Research
Understanding the Debate on Medical Education Research: A Sociological Perspective
A Call for Outcomes Research in Medical Education
Teaching and Learning Moments
A Story that Illustrates Humanism in Medicine: To Touch the Dying
Preface: Case Studies of Medical Education Research Groups
Nurturing Educational Research at Dartmouth Medical School: The Synergy among Innovative Ideas, Support Faculty, and Administrative Structures
Educational Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: A Grassroots Development
The Role of a Research Institute in a Medical School
Promoting Research in Medical Education at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine
Medical Education Research at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Education Research at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Maastricht: Fostering the Interrelationship between Professional and Education Practice
Teaching and Learning Moments
The Department of Medical Education at the University of Michigan Medical School: A Case Study in Medical Education Research Productivity
Teaching and Learning Moments
Advancing Health Care Education and Practice Through Research: The University of Toronto, Donald R. Wilson Centre for Research in Education
Medical Education Research at the University of Washington School of Medicine: Lessons from the Past and Potential for the Future