2005 RIME External Reviewers
2005 Research in Medical Education Conference Committee
Maximizing Participation in Peer Assessment of Professionalism: The Students Speak
Changing Medical Students’ Attitudes about Older Adults and Future Older Patients
Teaching Pediatrics Residents How to Obtain Informed Consent
Does the Medical College Admission Test Predict Clinical Reasoning Skills? A Longitudinal Study Employing the Medical Council of Canada Clinical Reasoning Examination
Domains of Unprofessional Behavior During Medical School Associated with Future Disciplinary Action by a State Medical Board
What Predicts USMLE Step 3 Performance?
A National Study of Medical Student Clinical Skills Assessment
Personality and Clinical Skills: Any Correlation?
Emotional Intelligence and Clinical Skills: Preliminary Results from a Comprehensive Clinical Performance Examination
Health Advocacy: Bringing Clarity to Educators through the Voices of Physician Health Advocates
Specialty Board Certification among U.S. Citizen and non-U.S. Citizen Graduates of International Medical Schools
Self-Assessment in the Health Professions: A Reformulation and Research Agenda
Does Group Discussion of Student Clerkship Performance at an Education Committee Affect an Individual Committee Member’s Decisions?
A Comparison of Physician Examiners and Trained Assessors in a High-Stakes OSCE Setting
Comparison of Two Standard-setting Methods for Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training
Improved Patient Notes from Medical Students during Web-Based Teaching Using Faculty-Calibrated Peer Review and Self-Assessment
A Multicenter Study to Provide Evidence of Construct Validity in a Computer-Based Outcome Measure of Neurology Clinical Skills
Perceptions of Operating Room Tension across Professions: Building Generalizable Evidence and Educational Resources
Do Attending Physicians, Nurses, Residents, and Medical Students Agree on What Constitutes Medical Student Abuse?
Failure to Fail: The Perspectives of Clinical Supervisors
Factors Influencing Preceptors’ Responses to Medical Errors: A Factorial Survey
Psychometric Characteristics and Response Times for One-Best-Answer Questions in Relation to Number and Source of Options
Reliability and Validity of Scores from the Index of Learning Styles
Using Factor Analysis to Evaluate Checklist Items
Progressive Independence in Clinical Training: A Tradition Worth Defending?
Identity Development in Professional Education* †
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