Ambulatory-Based Clinical Education: Flexner Revisited
Meeting the Challenges Facing Clinical Research: Solutions Proposed by Leaders of Medical Specialty and Clinical Research Societies
Policies of Academic Medical Centers for Disclosing Financial Conflicts of Interest to Potential Research Participants
Creating an Infrastructure for Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research: The University of Pittsburgh's Experience
Data Withholding and the Next Generation of Scientists: Results of a National Survey
Data Withholding in Genetics and the Other Life Sciences: Prevalences and Predictors
A Program to Provide Regulatory Support for Investigator-Initiated Clinical Research
Guidelines for Interactions between Clinical Faculty and the Pharmaceutical Industry: One Medical School’s Approach
In Flanders Fields
Behavioral Science Education and the International Medical Graduate
International Medical Graduates and the Diagnosis and Treatment of Late-Life Depression
Commentary: Coming to America: The Integration of International Medical Graduates into the American Medical Culture
The Changing Geography of Americans Graduating from Foreign Medical Schools
Indian Medical Students’ Views on Immigration for Training and Practice
Challenges and Opportunities in the Care of International Patients: Clinical and Health Services Issues for Academic Medical Centers
A National Collaboration to Disseminate Skills for Outpatient Teaching in Internal Medicine: Program Description and Preliminary Evaluation
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