The Future of Academic Health Centers
Managing Resources in a Better Way: A New Financial Management Approach for the University of Michigan Medical School
Improving Clinical Productivity in the Academic Setting: A Novel Incentive Plan Based on Utility Theory
The Incorporation of Patient Safety into Board Certification Examinations
Developing an Interdisciplinary, Community-Based Education Program for Health Professions Students: The Rochester Experience
An Innovative Program to Augment Community Preceptors’ Practice and Teaching Skills
The Impact of Preclinical Preceptorships on Learning the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis Skills
From Physician-Centered to Community-Oriented Perspectives on Health Care: Assessing the Efficacy of Community-Based Training
Systematic Review of Depression, Anxiety, and Other Indicators of Psychological Distress Among U.S. and Canadian Medical Students
Personal Life Events and Medical Student Burnout: A Multicenter Study
Les Miserables : [Excerpt],
Teaching Medical Students about Different Health Care Systems: An International Exchange Program
Commentary: Health Systems and Health Policy: A Curriculum for All Medical Students
Preparing Medical Students to Care for Older Adults: The Impact of a Senior Mentor Program
A Model for Improving Physician Performance in Developing Countries: A Three-Year Postgraduate Training Program in Laos
Giving Learners the Best of Both Worlds: Do Clinical Teachers Need to Guard Against Teaching Pattern Recognition to Novices?
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Contingency Plans and the Sniffles
Silhouette of Pain
University of Connecticut School of Medicine
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Did You Know?
Did You Know?