What Would Howard Beale Do About This?
Transform Residency Training in Chronic Illness Care—Now
Faculty and Staff Teams: A Tool for Unifying the Academic Health Center and Improving Mission Performance
Challenges to Improving Chronic Disease Care and Training in Residencies
Analysis of Downstream Revenue to an Academic Medical Center from a Primary Care Network
Variability in the Costs of Institutional Review Board Oversight
The U.S. Health Care System Is in Crisis: Implications for Academic Medical Centers and Their Missions
Universal Health Care and Reform of the Health Care System: Views of Medical Students in the United States
The First Book of Samuel
The Impact of Centers and Institutes on Faculty Life: Findings from a Study of Basic Science and Internal Medicine Faculty at Research-Intensive Medical Schools
Interdisciplinary Medical, Nursing, and Administrator Education in Practice: The Johns Hopkins Experience
Effective Interdisciplinary Training: Lessons from the University of North Carolina’s Student Health Action Coalition
A Conceptual Model for Program Evaluation in Graduate Medical Education
Observations of Residents’ Work Activities for 24 Consecutive Hours: Implications for Workflow Redesign
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Did You Know?
Did You Know?
Did You Know?