Impact of International Medical Graduates on U.S. and Global Health Care: Summary of the ECFMG 50th Anniversary Invitational Conference
Celebrating 50 Years of Experience: An ECFMG Perspective
The Role and Contributions of IMGs: A U.S. Perspective
International Medical Education and Future Directions: A Global Perspective
From Defending the Walls to Improving Global Medical Education: Fifty Years of Collaboration between the ECFMG and the NBME
The Future of Medical Licensure in the United States
International Medical Graduates in the United States: A View from an ECFMG Certificant
Global Standards and Accreditation in Medical Education: A View from the WFME
The Circle Game: Understanding Physician Migration Patterns Within Canada
Migration, Medical Education, and Health Care: A View from Pakistan
Concurrent Sessions: Exploring Issues Relating to International Medical Graduates
List of Participants at the Invitational Conference Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the ECFMG, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 21 and 22, 2006