Medical Education Reform: Is It Time for a Modern Flexner Report?
Establishing Procedures for Institutional Oversight of Stem Cell Research
Rejuvenating a Foundering Institutional Review Board: One Institution’s Story
Incorporating Principles and Practical Wisdom in Research Ethics Education: A Preliminary Study
Inventors as Investigators: The Ethics of Patents in Clinical Trials
Educational Approaches to the Responsible Conduct of Clinical Research: An Exploratory Study
Viewpoint: Professionalism in Modern Medicine: Does the Emperor Have Any Clothes?
Viewpoint: The Trouble with Assessing Students’ Professionalism: Theoretical Insights from Sociocognitive Psychology
A Web-Based System for Students to Document Their Experiences within Six Core Competency Domains during all Clinical Clerkships
Comparing Problem-Based Learning with Case-Based Learning: Effects of a Major Curricular Shift at Two Institutions
Viewpoint: A Proposal for Teaching Basic Clinical Skills for Mastery: The Case Against Vertical Integration
Two Cartoons on Disabilities
Attitudes of Preclinical and Clinical Medical Students Toward Interactions with the Pharmaceutical Industry
The Predictive Validity of the MCAT for Medical School Performance and Medical Board Licensing Examinations: A Meta-Analysis of the Published Research
Blending Education, Research, and Service Missions: The Arkansas Model
The Vitamin K Deficiency
Just Be Yourself
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