Redirecting the Assessment of Clinical Competence
Viewpoint: A Performance-Based Conception of Competence is Changing the Regulation of Physicians' Professional Behavior
Viewpoint: Taking Apart the Art: The Risk of Anatomizing Clinical Competence
Viewpoint: Competency-Based Postgraduate Training: Can We Bridge the Gap between Theory and Clinical Practice?
Measures of Cultural Competence: Examining Hidden Assumptions
Cultural Competence Teaching in U.S. Pediatric Clerkships in 2006
Introduction to Core Competencies in Residency: A Description of an Intensive, Integrated, Multispecialty Teaching Program
Viewpoint: Competency in Surgical Residency Training: Defining and Raising the Bar
Viewpoint: Are We Serious About Teaching Professionalism in Medicine?
Can There Be a Single System for Peer Assessment of Professionalism among Medical Students? A Multi-Institutional Study
A Prospective Study of the Relationship between Medical Knowledge and Professionalism among Internal Medicine Residents
Rowing without Oars
Burnout in Residents of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery: A National Inquiry into the Health of Residency Training
Obstetrician–Gynecologists and Primary Care: Training during Obstetrics–Gynecology Residency and Current Practice Patterns
Program Report Cards: Evaluation Across Multiple Residency Programs at One Institution
Viewpoint: Introducing the Concept of Epistemological Beliefs into Medical Education: The Hot-Air-Balloon Metaphor
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