The Ultimate Challenge
A Fond Farewell
Medical School Expansion: Déjà Vu All Over Again?
Phoenix Rises, with Tucson's Help: Establishing the First Four-Year Allopathic Program in the Nation's Fifth Largest City
Preparing for Change: The Plan, the Promise, and the Parachute
Did You Know?
Addressing Health Care Needs of the Latino Community: One Medical School's Approach
Did You Know?
Addressing Physician Shortages in New Mexico Through a Combined BA/MD Program
Strategies for Increasing the Physician Workforce: The Oregon Model for Expansion
Creating an Integrated Clinical Enterprise at the University of Kentucky: The Emergence of UK HealthCare
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
Aligning Academic and Clinical Missions Through an Integrated Funds-Flow Allocation Process
Organizational Factors Associated with High Performance in Quality and Safety in Academic Medical Centers
Merging Two Universities: The Medical University of Ohio and the University of Toledo
Making Students Cry (Or: How Hammering Home the Point Can Smash the Process to Pieces)
Scenes from a Mastectomy
Thinking Outside the Box
National Efforts to Reform Residency Education in Surgery
Brick by Brick
Redesigning Residency Training in Internal Medicine: The Consensus Report of the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine Education Redesign Task Force
Did You Know?
Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice: Changing Family Medicine Residency Training to Enable New Model Practice
Timing of Revenue Streams from Newly Recruited Faculty: Implications for Faculty Retention
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