Global Health is More Important in a Smaller World
Flat Medicine? Exploring Trends in the Globalization of Health Care
A Global Partnership in Medical Education Between Duke University and the National University of Singapore
The Emory Global Health Institute: Developing Partnerships to Improve Health through Research, Training, and Service
The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health: Transcending Borders for World Health
Social Responsibility, International Development, and Institutional Commitment: Lessons from the Boston University Experience
Creating a Center for Global Health at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
Building Global Health Through a Center-Without-Walls: The Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health
A Trans-University Center for Global Health
Think Globally, Act Locally, and Collaborate Internationally: Global Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco
The Academic Alliance for AIDS Care and Prevention in Africa
Beyond Borders: Building Global Health Programs at McGill University Faculty of Medicine
Global Health in Canadian Medical Education: Current Practices and Opportunities
El Niño Enfermo [The Sick Child],
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