What Is Academic Medicine?
A Comprehensive Space Management Model for Facilitating Programmatic Research
Advancing Institutional Efforts to Support Research Mentorship: A Conceptual Framework and Self-Assessment Tool
Selecting Physician Leaders for Clinical Service Lines: Critical Success Factors
Medical School Programs to Increase the Rural Physician Supply: A Systematic Review and Projected Impact of Widespread Replication
Is There Hardening of the Heart During Medical School?
The Attitudes and Experiences of Trainees Regarding Disclosing Medical Errors to Patients
Teaching and Learning Moments
Improving Bedside Teaching: Findings from a Focus Group Study of Learners
Cover Note
The Grapes of Wrath
Viewpoint: Envisioning the Successful Integration of EBM and Humanism in the Clinical Encounter: Fantasy or Fallacy?
The Reported Validity and Reliability of Methods for Evaluating Continuing Medical Education: A Systematic Review
Medical Student Performance Evaluations in 2005: An Improvement Over the Former Dean's Letter?
Parental Responses to Involvement in Rounds on a Pediatric Inpatient Unit at a Teaching Hospital: A Qualitative Study
Emergency Preparedness: Addressing a Residency Training Gap
Establishing a National Clearinghouse on International Medical Education Programs: An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come
Assessment of International Medical Graduates and Their Integration into Family Practice: The Clinician Assessment for Practice Program
Teaching and Learning Moments
Did You Know?
Did You Know?
Did You Know?