Toward a Sound Philosophy of Premedical Education
Perspective: United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Case for a Single Primary Care Specialty in the United States
The Impact of Increasing Medical School Class Size on Clinical Clerkships: A National Survey of Internal Medicine Clerkship Directors
Perspective: The Case for Subspecialty Clinical Learning in Early Medical Education—Moving From Case-Based to Patient-Based Learning
Preparing Medical Students for Clerkships: A Descriptive Analysis of Transition Courses
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What Makes a Good Clinical Teacher in Medicine? A Review of the Literature
Longitudinal Pedagogy: A Successful Response to the Fragmentation of the Third-Year Medical Student Clerkship Experience
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Burnout in Medical School Deans: An Uncommon Problem
Qualities of the Medical School Dean: Insights From the Literature
Evaluating a Leadership Program: A Comparative, Longitudinal Study to Assess the Impact of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program for Women
Perspective: The Unintended Consequences of Training Residents in Dysfunctional Outpatient Settings
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The Leaky Pipeline: Factors Associated With Early Decline in Interest in Premedical Studies Among Underrepresented Minority Undergraduate Students
Addressing Medical School Diversity Through an Undergraduate Partnership at Texas A&M Health Science Center: A Blueprint for Success
Perspective: After a Century of Criticizing Premedical Education, Are We Missing the Point?
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Perspective: Fostering Biomedical Literacy Among America's Youth: How Medical Simulation Reshapes the Strategy
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