Toward Better Descriptions of Innovations
Transforming Health Care Through Prospective Medicine: A Broader Perspective is Needed
Transforming Health Care Through Prospective Medicine: The First Step
Perspective: Prospective Health Care and the Role of Academic Medicine: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
Humanism or Professionalism? The White Coat Ceremony and Medical Education
Teaching and Learning Moments
Tools for Tomorrow's Health Care System: A Systems-Informed Mental Model, Moral Imagination, and Physicians' Professionalism
Teaching and Learning Moments
The “Pyramid of Professionalism”: Seven Years of Experience With an Integrated Program of Teaching, Developing, and Assessing Professionalism Among Medical Students
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Brain Damage
Patients’ Perspectives on Physicians’ Roles: Implications for Curricular Reform
Teaching and Learning Moments
Medical School Curricular Reform: Fourth-Year Colleges Improve Access to Career Mentoring and Overall Satisfaction
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From the Educational Bench to the Clinical Bedside: Translating the Dreyfus Developmental Model to the Learning of Clinical Skills
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Using Observations of Clinicians’ Teaching Practices to Build a Model of Clinical Instruction
Validity Evidence for an OSCE to Assess Competency in Systems-Based Practice and Practice-Based Learning and Improvement: A Preliminary Investigation
Minority Faculty Voices on Diversity in Academic Medicine: Perspectives From One School
Enhancing Evaluation in an Undergraduate Medical Education Program