Toward a Virtuous Cycle: The Changing Face of Academic Health Centers
“Forward Feeding” About Students' Progress: The Case for Longitudinal, Progressive, and Shared Assessment of Medical Students
“Forward Feeding” About Students' Progress: Information on Struggling Medical Students Should Not be Shared Among Clerkship Directors or With Students' Current Teachers
“Forward Feeding” About Students' Progress: More Information Will Enable Better Policy
The Evolving Organizational Structure of Academic Health Centers: The Case of the University of Florida
Linking Academic and Clinical Missions: UC Davis' Integrated AHC
The Relationship Between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center—A Profile in Synergy
Teaching and Learning Moments
Science at the Interstices: An Evolution in the Academy
The Transformation of Research in the Health Professions at the University of South Carolina
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Supporting the Academic Mission in an Era of Constrained Resources: Approaches at the University of Arizona College of Medicine
Strong Leadership and Teamwork Drive Culture and Performance Change: Ohio State University Medical Center 2000–2006
The Changing Face of Academic Health Centers: A Path Forward for the University of Colorado Denver
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The Changing Relationships Between Academic Health Centers and Their Universities: A Look at the University of Pennsylvania
Case Study: The Stanford University School of Medicine and Its Teaching Hospitals
“Dr. Auster and Joan”: The Problem of Asymmetries in Terms-of-Address
Wounds to Heal
Medical School Policies Regarding Struggling Medical Students During the Internal Medicine Clerkships: Results of a National Survey
Establishing Policies for the Relationship Between Industry and Clinicians: Lessons Learned From Two Academic Health Centers
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