Professionalism in Clerkships: An Analysis of MSPE Commentary
Development of an Instrument to Measure the Climate of Professionalism in a Clinical Teaching Environment
Collecting Validity Evidence for an Assessment of Professionalism: Findings from Think-Aloud Interviews
Setting Standards for Performance Tests: A Pilot Study of a Three-Level Angoff Method
The Impact of Judge Selection on Standard Setting for a Patient Survey of Physician Communication Skills
Measurement Characteristics of Content-Parallel Single-Best-Answer and Extended-Matching Questions in Relation to Number and Source of Options
Tobacco World: Evaluation of a Tobacco Cessation Training Program for Third-Year Medical Students
Elapsed Time Between Teaching and Evaluation: Does It Matter?
Medical Education in the Caribbean: Variability in Medical School Programs and Performance of Students
The Relationship Between Performance on a Medical School’s Clinical Skills Assessment and USMLE Step 2 CS
The Generalizability of Documentation Scores from the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination
Contrast Effects in the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination
Comprehensive Changes in the Learning Environment: Subsequent Step 1 Scores of Academically At-Risk Students
International Exchange Programs and U.S. Medical Schools
A Multilevel Analysis of Examinee Gender and USMLE Step 1 Performance
Procedural and Interpretive Skills of Medical Students: Experiences and Attitudes of Fourth-Year Students
Impact of a Structured Skills Laboratory Curriculum on Surgery Residents' Intraoperative Decision-Making and Technical Skills
A Comparison of Alternative Item Weighting Strategies on the Data Gathering Component of a Clinical Skills Performance Assessment
Interprofessional Communication and Medical Error: A Reframing of Research Questions and Approaches
Retention of Basic Science Information by Senior Medical Students
Exploring the Learning Curve in Medical Education: Using Self-Assessment as a Measure of Learning
Point-of-Care Assessment of Medical Trainee Competence for Independent Clinical Work
Cross-Sectional Assessment of Medical and Nursing Students’ Attitudes Toward Chronic Illness at Matriculation and Graduation
Rules of Engagement: Residents’ Perceptions of the In-Training Evaluation Process
The Educational Realities of Increasing Medical School Class Size*
Assessing Students for Medical School Admissions: Is It Time for a New Approach?*
Who Am I and Why Am I Here? Professionalism Research Through the Eyes of a Medical Student*
Seeing the Sights of RIME: Resident as Academic Tourist*
Final Comments from the Moderator*
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