2009 Question of the Year
Acknowledgment of Academic Medicine Reviewers
A For-Profit Medical School
A For-Profit Medical School
Burnout in Medical School Deans
Burnout in Medical School Deans
Underrepresented Minorities and the Health Professions Pipeline
Underrepresented Minorities and the Health Professions Pipeline
Underrepresented Minorities and the Health Professions Pipeline
Impact of Increasing Class Size
Impact of Increasing Class Size
Commentary: The Right Time to Rethink Part-Time Careers
Commentary: Surviving Terrorist Cells
Sangeet kaar/Musician: Artist’s Statement
A Simple Model to Optimize Resource Allocations When Expanding the Faculty Research Base: A Case Study
The Economics of New Faculty Hires in Basic Science
Some Hidden Costs of Faculty Turnover in Clinical Departments in One Academic Medical Center
Retention of Junior Faculty in Academic Medicine at the University of California, San Diego
How Important Is Money as a Reward for Teaching?
E-Learning as Evidence of Educational Scholarship: A Survey of Chairs of Promotion and Tenure Committees at U.S. Medical Schools
Pain Overlooked – Imperfect Technology
Evaluating the Performance of Medical Educators: A Novel Analysis Tool to Demonstrate the Quality and Impact of Educational Activities
Medical School Deans’ Perceptions of Organizational Climate: Useful Indicators for Advancement of Women Faculty and Evaluation of a Leadership Program’s Impact
Did You Know?
A Time for Change: An Exploration of Attitudes Toward Part-Time Work in Academia Among Women Internists and Their Division Chiefs
Organizational Climate and Family Life: How These Factors Affect the Status of Women Faculty at One Medical School
Improving the Diversity Climate in Academic Medicine: Faculty Perceptions as a Catalyst for Institutional Change
Did You Know?
A Study of the Relational Aspects of the Culture of Academic Medicine
La Clinica—A Doctor’s Journey Across Borders
A Good Clinician and a Caring Person: Longitudinal Faculty Development and the Enhancement of the Human Dimensions of Care
I Thought We Weren’t Supposed to Do That?
Evolving Curriculum Design: A Novel Framework for Continuous, Timely, and Relevant Curriculum Adaptation in Faculty Development
Not So Black and White After All
Issues in the Mentor–Mentee Relationship in Academic Medicine: A Qualitative Study
Making the Most of Mentors: A Guide for Mentees
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