Ethical Approval for Studies Involving Human Participants: Academic Medicine’s New Policy
The Price of Changing the Status Quo
More About Struggling Students
More About Struggling Students
More About Struggling Students
More About Struggling Students
Should Quality Improvement Projects Require IRB Approval?
Another View of the White Coat Ceremony
Another View of the White Coat Ceremony
A Skills-Based Approach to Teach Clinical Ethics
Commentary: Knowing It When We See It: Reflections on Pornography
Commentary: Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat It
Commentary: Out of the Silence: Confronting Depression in Medical Students and Residents
Defining the Role of University of Kentucky HealthCare in Its Medical Market—How Strategic Planning Creates the Intersection of Good Public Policy and Good Business Practices
Governance of the Academic Health Center: Striking the Balance Between Service and Scholarship
Can Hospital Rankings Measure Clinical and Educational Quality?
Academic Medicine Amenities Unit: Developing a Model to Integrate Academic Medical Care With Luxury Hotel Services
Call It What It Is: Sexual Harassment
Medical Humanities and Their Discontents: Definitions, Critiques, and Implications
Hana No Hana: Artist's Statement
Monitoring and Improving Resident Work Environment Across Affiliated Hospitals: A Call for a National Resident Survey
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A Novel Housestaff Educational Model for Quaternary-Care Patients at an Academic Health Center
A Metric to Evaluate the Comparative Performance of an Institution's Graduate Medical Education Program
The Effect of Nonteaching Services on the Distribution of Inpatient Cases for Internal Medicine Residents
Finding the Line: Physicians, Pharma, and Drug Development
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Mightier Than the Sword?
A Closer Look at the Implications of Information Bias
Price Check! An Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Marketing
Depressive Symptoms in Medical Students and Residents: A Multischool Study
Delaying Care, Avoiding Stigma: Residents' Attitudes Toward Obtaining Personal Health Care
Intern to Attending: Assessing Stress Among Physicians
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Resilience in the Third Year of Medical School: A Prospective Study of the Associations Between Stressful Events Occurring During Clinical Rotations and Student Well-Being
Rationing Empathy
An Exploratory Study of Resident Burnout and Wellness
The Pornographic Anatomy Book? The Curious Tale of The Anatomical Basis of Medical Practice