Happy Anniversary, Academic Medicine
A Different Perspective on Admission Decisions
A Different Perspective on Admission Decisions
A New Model of Care
A New Model of Care
A New Tool in the Medical Education Marketplace
Commentary: The ACGME: Fostering Public Trust and Addressing Residents' Needs
Commentary: The ACGME: Public Advocacy Before Resident Advocacy
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Is the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education a Suitable Proxy for Resident Unions?
Measurement of the General Competencies of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review
Perspective: Limiting Resident Work Hours Is a Moral Concern
Perspective: Creating an Ethical Workplace: Reverberations of Resident Work Hours Reform
Global Health Training and International Clinical Rotations During Residency: Current Status, Needs, and Opportunities
Combining Clinical Microsystems and an Experiential Quality Improvement Curriculum to Improve Residency Education in Internal Medicine
A Systems Approach for Implementing Practice-Based Learning and Improvement and Systems-Based Practice in Graduate Medical Education
Applying Team-Based Learning in Primary Care Residency Programs to Increase Patient Alcohol Screenings and Brief Interventions
A Structured Handoff Program for Interns
Imagination, Art, and Learning: A Web of Support
Protect Yourself From This
What Predicts Residency Accreditation Cycle Length? Results of a National Survey
Selection Criteria for Residency: Results of a National Program Directors Survey
Education First: Reforming the First-Year Curriculum of the Internal Medicine Residency
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Residents-as-Teachers Curricula: A Critical Review
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The Association of Faculty and Residents’ Gender on Faculty Evaluations of Internal Medicine Residents in 16 Residencies
Similarities and Differences Between International Medical Graduates and U.S. Medical Graduates at Six Maryland Community-Based Internal Medicine Residency Training Programs
Can Residents Accurately Abstract Their Own Charts?
Characteristics of Medicine-Pediatrics Practices: Results From the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
Talking the Talk