An Issue of a Journal is More Than the Sum of Its Parts
Medical Students and Depression
Medical Students and Depression
Medical Students and Depression
Commentary: When Much Is Promised, Much Is—and Should Be—Expected
We Are Not Our Bodies
Commentary: The Work of Nonphysician Medical Educators: Why We Need Historical Context, Conceptual Models, Training Details, and Evidence
Generational Forecasting in Academic Medicine: A Unique Method of Planning for Success in the Next Two Decades
Did You Know?
Factors Associated With Physicians’ Reliance on Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
The Development of a New Method of Knowledge Assessment: Tailoring a Test to a Doctor’s Area of Practice
Toward Meeting the Challenge of Physician Competence Assessment: The University of California, San Diego Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE) Program
Do Physicians Referred for Competency Evaluations Have Underlying Cognitive Problems?
A Universal Model of Diagnostic Reasoning
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Social Network Analysis as a Method of Assessing Institutional Culture: Three Case Studies
A Physician-Directed Intervention: Teaching and Measuring Better Informed Consent
Physician Practice Change I: A Critical Review and Description of an Integrated Systems Model
Physician Practice Change II: Implications of the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) for the Future of Continuing Medical Education
Dull to Sharp …
Measurement and Correlates of Physicians’ Lifelong Learning
Did You Know?
My Vitruvian Man
The Course of a Particular
Nonphysician Medical Educators: A Literature Review and Job Description Resource
The Personal and Professional Impact of a Fellowship in Medical Education
Strategies for Creating a Faculty Fellowship in Medical Education: Report of a 10-Year Experience
Developing a Peer Assessment of Lecturing Instrument: Lessons Learned
Methodology and Outcomes of a Family Medicine Research Fellowship
Reducing Health Disparities Through a Culturally Centered Mentorship Program for Minority Faculty: The Southwest Addictions Research Group (SARG) Experience
Procedural Competence in Internal Medicine Residents: Validity of a Central Venous Catheter Insertion Assessment Instrument
The Development of an Independent Rater System to Assess Residents' Competence in Invasive Procedures
A Case Study of Medical Grand Rounds: Are We Using Effective Methods?
The Sandwich Fellowship: A Subspecialty Training Model for the Developing World
Further Insights Into the Roles of the Medical Educator: The Importance of Scholarly Management
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