Understanding the Journal’s Impact
Global Health Training for Residents
A Radical Proposal for an Integrated Junior–Senior-Year Clerkship
Global Health Training for Residents
Global Health Training for Residents
How Should the ACGME Core Competencies Be Measured?
How Should the ACGME Core Competencies Be Measured?
Commentary: Identifying Attitudes Towards Empathy: An Essential Feature of Professionalism
Commentary: The Practice of Empathy
One Flew Under the Cuckoo’s Nest
Commentary: Disclosure’s Failings: What Is the Alternative?
The Devil is in the Third Year: A Longitudinal Study of Erosion of Empathy in Medical School
Measurement of Empathy Among Japanese Medical Students: Psychometrics and Score Differences by Gender and Level of Medical Education
The Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy: Preliminary Psychometrics and Group Comparisons in Italian Physicians
An Academic Medical Center Under Prolonged Rocket Attack—Organizational, Medical, and Financial Considerations
A Cost-Efficiency Analysis to Increase Clinician Staffing in an Academic Emergency Department
The Tools of an Evidence-Based Culture: Implementing Clinical-Practice Guidelines in an Israeli HMO
Perspective: Disclosing Hidden Sources of Funding
An Evaluation of the Evidence in “Evidence-Based” Integrative Medicine Programs
Patients as Teachers, Medical Students as Filmmakers: The Video Slam, A Pilot Study
Perspective: Electronic Systems of Knowledge in the World of Virtual Microscopy
Curriculum Resource Use and Relationships With Educational Outcomes in an Online Curriculum
Artist’s Statement: Paget’s Vase
L’incendio di Borgo
One Specialty’s Collaborative Approach to Competency-Based Curriculum Development
Evaluation of the Use of an Interactive, Online Resource for Competency-Based Curriculum Development
Physicians’ Beliefs About Conscience in Medicine: A National Survey
Building Character: A Model for Reflective Practice
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An Assessment of Emergency Medicine Residents’ Ability to Perform in a Multitasking Environment
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Integrating Research Training Into Residency: Tools of Human Investigation
Medical Student Perceptions of Education in Health Care Systems
Canadian Medical Students’ Perceptions of Public Health Education in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
A Lifetime Investment
Medical Education Reform: The Asian Experience
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