Point With Pride, View With Alarm, End With Hope
Making Residents Visible in Quality Improvement
Career and Leadership Development: Strategies in Lean Times
A Change to Pass/Fail Grading
Effectively Mentoring Physician–Mothers
Two Modest Proposals
Commentary: A Call to Leadership: The Role of the Academic Medical Center in Driving Sustainable Health System Improvement Through Performance Measurement
Commentary: “Who Was Caring for Mary?” Revisited: A Call for All Academic Physicians Caring for Patients to Focus on Systems and Quality Improvement
Perspective: Physician Leadership in Quality
Artist's Statement: Angel of the West
Understanding and Improving Inpatient Mortality in Academic Medical Centers
Restructuring Within an Academic Health Center to Support Quality and Safety: The Development of the Center for Quality and Safety at the Massachusetts General Hospital
Patient Safety Education at U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools: Results From the 2006 Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine Survey
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Methodological Rigor of Quality Improvement Curricula for Physician Trainees: A Systematic Review and Recommendations for Change
Improving the Provision of Language Services at an Academic Medical Center: Ensuring High-Quality Health Communication for Limited-English-Proficient Patients
Use of Electronic Medical Records by Physicians and Students in Academic Internal Medicine Settings
Observation and Measurement of Hand Hygiene and Patient Identification Improve Compliance With Patient Safety Practices
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Blending Technology and Teamwork for Successful Management of Product Recalls
Effectiveness of a Clinical-Decision-Support System in Improving Compliance With Cardiac-Care Quality Measures and Supporting Resident Training
Perspective: Autonomic Care Systems for Hospitalized Patients
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Clinic Systems and the Quality of Care for Older Adults in Residency Clinics and in Physician Practices
The Department of Veterans Affairs National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program: Experience From 10 Years of Training Quality Scholars
Integrating Quality Improvement and Residency Education: Insights From the AIAMC National Initiative About the Roles of the Designated Institutional Official and Program Director
Teaching and Learning Moments : The High Points of Low-Yield
Residents' Engagement in Quality Improvement: A Systematic Review of the Literature
“Renters” or “Owners”? Residents' Perceptions and Behaviors Regarding Error Reduction in Teaching Hospitals: A Literature Review
Residents’ and Attending Physicians’ Handoffs: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Taking a Unified Approach to Teaching and Implementing Quality Improvements Across Multiple Residency Programs: The Atlantic Health Experience
Improving Quality in an Internal Medicine Residency Program Through a Peer Medical Record Audit
Skills of Internal Medicine Residents in Disclosing Medical Errors: A Study Using Standardized Patients
Evaluation of an Error-Reduction Training Program for Surgical Residents
Teaching and Learning Moments : Interactive Health Education for Teens: Who's Teaching Whom?
Needlestick Injuries Among Medical Students: Incidence and Implications
Remediation of the Deficiencies of Physicians Across the Continuum From Medical School to Practice: A Thematic Review of the Literature
The Patient Panel Conference Experience: What Patients Can Teach Our Residents About Competency Issues
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