A Silent Mentor
The Cadaver on the Cover
The Cadaver on the Cover
On Being . . . Inclusive
On Being . . . Inclusive
On Being . . . Inclusive
Education Reform in Taiwan
Commentary: Breaking the Mold of Normative Clinical Decision Making: Is It Adaptive, Suboptimal, or Somewhere in Between?
Commentary: Compliance Education and Training: A Need for New Responses in Clinical Research
Commentary: A Call to Go Green in Health Care by Reprocessing Medical Equipment
Commentary: The Importance of Musculoskeletal Medicine and Anatomy in Medical Education
Foreword: Scholarly Concentrations in the Medical Student Curriculum
Required vs. Elective Research and In-Depth Scholarship Programs in the Medical Student Curriculum
Encouraging Scholarship: Medical School Programs to Promote Student Inquiry Beyond the Traditional Medical Curriculum
Engaging Students in Dedicated Research and Scholarship During Medical School: The Long-Term Experiences at Duke and Stanford
Implementation of a Longitudinal Mentored Scholarly Project: An Approach at Two Medical Schools
How to Measure Success: The Impact of Scholarly Concentrations on Students—A Literature Review
Perspective: Anticipating the Challenges of Reforming the United States Medical Licensing Examination
Linking Scientific Discovery and Better Health for the Nation: The First Three Years of the NIH's Clinical and Translational Science Awards
Reengineering the National Clinical and Translational Research Enterprise: The Strategic Plan of the National Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium
Defining Translational Research: Implications for Training
Linking Practice-Based Research Networks and Clinical and Translational Science Awards: New Opportunities for Community Engagement by Academic Health Centers
An Innovative Program to Train Health Sciences Researchers to Be Effective Clinical and Translational Research Mentors
Did You Know?
The Future of Emergency Medicine: An Evolutionary Perspective
Mrs. Dalloway
“Genes to Society”—The Logic and Process of the New Curriculum for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
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Perspective: A Tale of Two Curricula: A Case for Evidence-Based Education?
Residents' Perspectives on the Learning Environment: Data From the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Resident Survey
Evaluating the Effects That Existing Instruction on Responsible Conduct of Research Has on Ethical Decision Making
Did You Know?
Perspective: Innocence and Due Diligence: Managing Unfounded Allegations of Scientific Misconduct
The Evolution of a Department of Internal Medicine Under an Integrated Clinical Enterprise Model: The University of Kentucky Experience
Revenue-Based Cost Assignment: A Potent but Hidden Threat to the Survival of the Multispecialty Medical Practice
Teaching and Learning Moments
Contextual Decision Making and the Implementation of Clinical Guidelines: An Example From Mental Health
Perspective: Uses and Misuses of Thresholds in Diagnostic Decision Making
Rubber Ducky Races
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